Tuesday, 4 November 2014

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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Carsington Water Autumn Food Fair & Chocolate Extravaganza

There's a nip in the air. It's the perfect time for chocolate & chocolate tasting.  Carsington Water's food fair returns on Sunday the 19th October with an array of artisan food producers and our own unique chocolate trail.  Follow the chocolate trail around the food fair to find out what fantastic and unusual things that can be produced with the help of the wonderful coccoa bean.  At the end of our chocolate trail enter our free prize draw to win a fabulous chocolate hamper provided by artisan chocolatier Naughty & Nice from Bakewell.  

Entry to the Carsington Water Food Fair is free and doors will be open from 10am until 4pm but get their early to make sure you get the biggest choice and before the producers sell out.  Supplies are strictly limited.  Our artisan food producers will include:

Sunflower Bakery(artisan bread and other delicious bakery products)
Dad’s Bees (honey)
Elcocoa (chocolates, bespoke cakes and truffles)
Really Good Cheese Company (artisan cheese)
Fruit and Herb Company (unique dressings, dips and oils)
Fudge Glorious Fudge (hand made fudge)
Coriander Garden (cookery demos and Indian delights)
Smith Hall Organics (artisan pork pies and other meat products)
Greenside Deli (award winning chutneys and preserves)
Home Made Delights (hummus, dips, quiches and pasties)
Staffordshire Savoury Eggs (wide selection of savoury eggs)
Chocolate Tailor (truffles and chocolates)
Cossack Cuisine (Russian sweet and savoury delights)
Cottage Delight (biscuits, jams, chutneys)
Jaquest Smokehouse (smoked meats, cheese, fish....)
Ethelbellys (cheesecakes)
Splatz (ice cream)
The Chefs Pantry (gourmet Italian food)
The Original Cake Company (gift boxed cakes)
Mrs Bishops Doggy Deli (food treats for man's best friend)
Mainsail Restaurant (delicious hot and cold food)
Hartingtons of Bakewell (Artisan Food and Drink Courses, proving baskets, breadmaking kits, dough scrapers, cheese moulds)

......and lots more!!

The chocolate trail will include delights such as:

"Will have some patterned chocolate boxes and chocolate shoes for unique gifts; Scottie dog lollies; freshly-made Amaretto truffles; freshly made Champagne truffles; dark chocolate chilli leaves; single origin 75% Tanzanian chocolate mini slabs; and lots of other chocolate treats including chocolate mice (as pictured).  More items being made tomorrow!"

"Anyway products that im bringing are all different flavoured truffles, (or chocolate treasures as I call them!) And a few christmassy bits and pieces. Also fancy diabetic chocolates, chocolate christmas puddings, and gourmet chocolate 'teacakes'.  "

"We will have Malteser cheesecake, Raspberry & white choc & mandarin & white choc cheesecakes. "
And even something for your pooch!

"We have Chocolate Eclaws on the stand on Sunday :-)" - Mrs Bishops Doggy Deli

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

'Funky' Preserving Course

It's the season when suddenly we have a glut of autumn fruits and vegetables in the garden, but winter approaches.  What do I do with all that lovely fresh produce?  The answer is simple...preserve the flavours and then enjoy all it's wonderful goodness later in the year.

Heat preserving course
We have a very different preserving course with internet  sensation Alexis Gabriel also known as the French Guy Cooking.  Alexis will show you how to use heat preserving to preserve a whole meal in a jar that can last up to a year in a jar.  Home cooked food in a jar that is ready to reheat.

Preserving Course

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Great British Bake Off - "Gets Baking"

The institution that is the Great British Bake Off returned for series 5 last night with it's cast of starry eyed amateur bakers being put through their baking paces.

Hartingtons has been fortunate to have had 2 contestants from the series to share their baking expertise with keen bakers.  Danny Bryden a semi-finalist in series 3 wowed the GBBO fans & Hartingtons with her savoury strudel and more recently Howard Middleton showed the great british public just what you can do with a range of innovative and gluten free products.

Howard fans and GBBO fans a like are invited to a days baking at Hartingtons and find out all about 'Custardgate' first hand and learn to bake some Fabulous Festive Bakes.

Baking with experts

Monday, 7 July 2014

Microbreweries - How many?

Latest figures from the likes of CAMRA would  suggest that the UK has now over 1200 microbreweries.  The Good Beer guide 2014 featured 1147 breweries producing over 5000 different beers.  This trend in new breweries has mirrored the trend seen in the US where the whole craft brewing revolution kicked off.  In the US the number of micro breweries has also increased dramatically over the last 30 years after hitting a low point in the late 1970s at 89. A total of 3,040 active breweries were last   counted by the American Brewers Association at the end of June 2014.  US breweries have just crossed the 3.000 brewery level for the fist time since 1870.  Is this rapid expansion sustainable? The question for many beer commentators has been is this rapid expansion of numbers of breweries something that can continue.  In the US the expansion has been built on microbreweries supplying the local market with the majority of Americans now living within 10 miles of a local microbrewery.  What is the limit on microbrewery numbers?  Based on data from 1873 if the per capita ratio for breweries was replicated then the US could support up to 30,000 micro breweries.

In the UK according to the Campaign for Real Ale's ( CAMRA) the growth prospects are similar  with the most recent figures in 2013 revealing that there were an additional 187 breweries featured in their Good Beer Guide for 2014, a 14% increase on the year before.  West Yorkshire was the area of the country with the most numerous microbreweries with 57 recorded.

CAMRA has also noted the variety of new different styles of microbreweries that were opening including: a converted school outbuilding in Lancashire, beer brewing pizzeria in London & a converted dairy in Buckinghamshire.

Is there a limit to the number of microbreweries?

The beer industry in the UK is worth 16.5 billions pounds and is only 2nd in size in Europe to Germany.  Latest statistics from Chris Holden one of Brew-School and former Director of Insights at Molson Coors and one of the tutors on the Setting Up A Microbrewery Course indicate that microbreweries still account for only about 3% of the total UK beer market.  The current beer trends also indicate that drinkers are turning away from mass produced lager in favour of real ales and craft beers. In 2012 sales of cask beer increased for the first time in 20 years with 2.2 million barrels of real ale being sold a 1.6% rise.  For the latest on the figures for cask beer sales have a look at the latest cask report.

Reuters has recently carried a report about the changing face of beer drinking in the UK.  Gassy lager may be still the chosen tipple for many younger drinkers but there is an increasing appetite amongst  trendy drinkers and women trying real ale highlighting the fact that real ale or craft beer is becoming cool!  You only have to see the likes of Craft Beer Rising in Glasgow to realise that real consumption is no longer the preserve of bearded middle age men.

This is good news for people looking to set up a microbrewery as demand for real ale or craft beer continues to rise at the expense of mainstream and mass produced lagers and beers.

Chris Holden of Ashdale Consulting estimates that microbreweries even with the dramatic increase in numbers still only accounts for 3% of beer production compared to the 7.8% of the market made up by craft breweries in the US.  This gives microbreweries massive scope to convert more drinkers to higher quality more bespoke and interesting beers.

How many microbreweries could we see?

If the current trend in microbrewery openings continues this would suggest that in the next 5 years the UK could be approaching the same number of microbreweries as in the US with over 2000 commercial microbreweries.  Brew-School in Bakewell which started offering courses in All Grain Brewing in 2012 now also offers 3 days weekend courses 4 to 5 times a year instructing over 100 potential micro brewers how they can set up their own microbrewery.

Chris Horne Director at Hartingtons Brew-School comments: "one thing that is clear is that there is an enormous appetite for interesting quality beer in the UK.  Drinkers are more discerning than ever. At Brew-School we hope we can open brewers eyes to the massive range of beers such a Lambic beer, wheat beers, fruit beer and the potential to build winning beer brands.  There are so many untapped markets out there.  Think of a beer brand that appeals to ladies which could appeal to a pretty much an untapped market.  There is a long way to go in the resurgence of microbreweries which is why brewing is such an exciting area to be in right now!"

Recent research does highlight the power of the brand when setting up your brewery and this is an important part of the course considering how to differentiate your beer and brewery offer from the rest.

How to set up my own microbrewery?

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Carsington Water Food & Drink Fair - 29th June

Carsington Water the famous Derbyshire visitor attraction hosts the very popular Food and Drink Fair on the 29th June.  This 'Summer Extravaganza' promises to be double the size of recent food & drink fairs and exhibitors will include some of the premier food & drink producers from the region. 

This Derbyshire food fair is rapidly becoming one of the highlights of the Derbyshire foodie scene.

This time the event will have over 25 food and drink stalls selling and showcasing the following tasty delights:
  •  Jaquest (smoked cheese, meats, fish)
  • The Loaf (artisan bread and other delicious bakery products)
  • Dad’s Bees (honey)
  • So Smoothies (fabulous fruit smoothies)
  • Really Good Cheese Company (artisan cheese)
  • Fruit and Herb Company (unique dressings, dips, oils and Derbyshire oatcakes),
  • Blooms (herbs and culinary plants)
  • Olive Oil from France (fabulous olive oil from their own olive trees)
  • Cocoa Tabby (artisan chocolates)
  • Apna Spice (Indian delights)
  • Smith Hall Organics (artisan pork pies and other meat products)
  • Greenside Deli (award winning jams, chutneys and preserves)
  • Sage Green Cuisine (vegetarian and vegan food)
  • Winning Works (slate cheese boards, wooden boards and other kitchen accessories)
  • Home Made Delights (hummous, dips, quiches and pasties)
  • Staffordshire Savoury Eggs (wide selection of savoury eggs)
  • Birdhouse Tea Company (teas)
  • Derventio Brewery (beer by the bottle and keg and gift packs)
  • Mainsail Restaurant (delicious hot and cold food)
  • Hartingtons of Bakewell (Artisan Food and Drink Courses, proving baskets, breadmaking kits, dough scrapers, cheese moulds......and lots more!!
Carsington Water Food & Drink Fair opens it doors to visitors from 10 - 4pm on Sunday 29th June.  Entry is free and there will be loads of free tasters and the opportunity to talk to artisan food producers to here their story before you buy.

Derbyshire Food Fairs

Friday, 16 May 2014

Gourmet supper club NEW menu launched at Derbyshire Food & Drink

The widely anticipated one off menu for the acclaimed Gourmet Supper Club staged at Hartingtons School of Food in Bakewell will be revealed at Derbyshire Food & Drink this coming weekend (17-18 May). 

Hartingtons will reveal the 6 course tasting menu to be prepared by chef brothers Christian and Danny Szurko at the prestigious Derbyshire event.  The Gourmet Supper Club has rapidly become a highlight of the Peak District dining scene selling out within days of the menu being release.  With only 3 more Gourmet Supper Clubs planned for the whole of 2014 it's a case of booking while you can.

The Gourmet Supper Club take place in the School of Food on Friday 5th September and a tutored wine tasting is provided by Jane Cummings of John Hattersley Wines of Bakewell. 

To see images of the recent Gourmet Supper Club have a look at our Facebook page.

Hartingtons will be featuring its full range of courses and showcasing some exclusive show offers at Elvaston Castle in Derbyshire.

Derbyshire Cookery Courses