Monday 11 October 2010

Greek cookery courses

There are lots of Italian cookery courses out there and who wouldn't want to be able to cook the perfect Italian food.  But how about learning to cook authentic Greek food instead?
Well if you are in London you want to check out the Greek cookery courses run by Elisavet Sotiriadou

These cooking class will show you how to rustle up some authentic Greek food and then be able to take the left overs back to share with friends and family.

Elisavet was a recent contestant in ITV's Britains Best Dish and was commended on her Lagana bread.

She recently held a Greek Cookery Course at the renown Divertimenti Cookery School

Here mission according to her facebook page is to:

"teach food lovers how to make delicious home-cooked Greek food and at the same time give all the participants of each session the opportunity to cook and dine."

Sounds great where do I sign up?

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