Monday 4 June 2012

Weekend Sourdough Bread Making Course - Sells Out!

Some artisan bread makers would insist that there is only one 'real bread' and that is bread   made with a natural leaven such as sourdough culture. Sourdough bread baking pre-dates bread making with bakers yeast and uses Lactobacillus culture to leaven the bread. The popularity of making your own bread at home has revived interest in artisan bread making and in particular bread baking using sourdough cultures.

We are delighted to have Mick Saxton (the image is of one of his sourdough loaves) who has his own home bakery in Sheffield coming along to teach the ancient art of sourdough to a full class of eager student bakers in June. Mick has trained at the world renowned Artisan School of Food on the Welbeck Estate and has honed his bread making techniques over several years of intensive training and practice. For those who are eager to learn how to make bread with a sourdough culture then we also have Andrew Auld from the Loaf in Crich coming along in July with another brilliant sourdough course. Have a look at these images on Facebook of Andrew in action demonstrating his wet dough kneading technique.

Sourdough Bread Making Courses

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