Tuesday 19 November 2013

Learn To Master Indian Spices & Flavours

This is a hands on cookery course for people that love Indian spices and flavours but don't quite understand how to create the authentic taste at home without resorting to the ubiquitous supermarket curry paste.

Join personal chef Frank Boddy for a tour of Indian flavours from Indian street food to authentic indian deserts. Despite Frank's lack of Indian heritage his passion for Indian cookery and flavours is obvious and his recipes amongst the best we've tasted.  Frank relaxed informal style will make this course suitable for novice inexperienced cooks to keen home cooks looking to get more out of cooking with authentic indian herbs and spices.

On the day you will make the following dishes :

Egg Curry [Baida Curry]
Cheese, Tomato and Pepper Curry [Paneer Jalfrezi]
Calcutta Prawn Curry [Kolkata Chingri Curry]
Minced Lamb Patties [Kheema Tikki]
Manuka Tamater Ki Chutney (Raisin and Tomato Chutney) & 
Nashpati Chutney (Pear Chutney)

Indian Cookery Course

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