Wednesday 1 June 2016

Artisan Chocolate - the perfect gift

There is nothing better than receiving a hand crafted artisan gift from the one you love.  We recently had a guy come along who was looking at making chocolates for all his guests on his up and coming wedding.  How romantic.  Artisan chocolates can make a great gift any time of the year, for birthdays, fathers day or just because you can.

Hand tempered artisan chocolates

Artisan chocolates that have been hand tempered with their own infused ganache with natural ingredients such as orange or fresh mint not only have fantastic multi layers of natural flavour they can also look stunning once you have enrobed them with your tempered chocolate.

To find out about the next forthcoming artisan chocolate courses and learn to make artisan chocolates that taste and look good enough to sell.

Ganache Recipe

Orange and Mint – makes approximately 10-12 truffles
100g Milk Chocolate

30g Double Cream

10g butter
20 - 30 drops of orange oil (to taste) Mint Leaves (3-5 to taste)

  •  Weigh ingredients.
Finely chop the mint leaves. 
Place the chocolate buttons and cream into a glass bowl and place over a pan of water (bain- 
marie) gently melt the chocolate and cream together (do not whisk or over heat)
Take off heat once combined and glossy finish, at this point add the butter and stir. 

  • Infuse with the finely chopped mint and add the orange extract, (to taste) 

  • Pour onto a flat tray or into a carton, cover and place into a fridge to set. (between 2 - 4 

Your ganache should be slightly firmed but able to scoop and roll into truffle shape. 
You just need to enrobe your genache and then potential decorate your chocolates to create the artisan look.

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