Friday, 3 June 2011

Food travel reports

Julie and I have just got back from our New York and Iceland trip. A bit of a contrast in every way.

We were both looking forward to trying out some of the exciting food on offer. To be honest we were a little disappointed in both places. Admittedly we were trying to eat out 'on a budget' but even so the trip just reinforced our view that actually the UK now rivals most places when it comes to general eating out, local food producers and certainly variety of food.

The highlights of the food tour were probably a warm lobster salad in Reykjavik and some gorgeous Lebanese food in New York. The lowlight was definitely the vegetarian Sushi in Greenwich Village. What is it about the American food psyche that if they give you four times as much of tasteless bland food then that's OK? I have never seen sushi the size of a Swiss roll before. Do they not get it that the whole idea is that sushi is small, delicate pieces to be eaten as bite size parcels.

The one thing we can promise is that the artisan local food producers coming to our next Food Fair on the 19th June won't be bland. Already we have proper sushi, honey, heavenly New York cheesecakes, flavoured oils and dressings, pies and flans, Italian deli and wines, preserves, bread, cupcakes and biscuits, local cheeses and beer.

Already looking forward to seeing you at our Food Fair at Baslow Village Hall (nr Chatsworth House) on the 19th June.

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