Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Artisan Bread Making Course on St Davids Day

For people who want to treat themselves on St. David's Day why not have a go at artisan bread making in the Peak District with our one day course this Thursday?

Due to a late cancellation because of illness we have one space left with acclaimed artisan baker Andrew Auld of the Loaf in Crich.

To book on our one day course contact us now and make St. Davids Day a little bit special.

New beer launches in Bakewell

A new beer is about to see the first light of day as part of Hartingtons School of Food's first ever introduction to artisan beer brewing course in Bakewell on Saturday.

This course is aimed at the curious and those keen to find out how they can brew their own great tasting real ale in their own kitchen all from raw ingredients.

We will prove that you don't need expensive kit to make fantastic tasting real ale.

The tutor for the course Paul Taylor has made his own brew called Hartingtons New Ale especially for the course and will bring along some for the students to bottle at the end of the beer brewing course. The beer promises much. According to Paul this pale ale uses Maris Otter pale ale malt and has been bittered with UK Goldings hops and flavoured with US Cascade hops to give a refreshing pale ale that is perfect for spring and summer drinking. Can't wait to try it.

If you are interested in doing a beer brewing course in the Peak District this Saturday under expert tuition there are still just a couple of places so check out the website for further details.

Hartingtons School of Food ......food for thought

Monday, 27 February 2012

Peak District Cookery Courses coming up.........

Well Spring seems to be on the horizon so I thought I would give you a bit of an update on what you can expect at Hartingtons School of Food over the next few months.

1 March - Intro to Artisan Breadmaking (Just 1 place left. Please ring to book)
3 March - Artisan Beer Brewing
(Couple of places left)
11 March - World Bread Tour - Italian Breads (SOLD OUT)
20 March - Just Canapes
21 March - Mastering Pastry
23 March - The Ultimate Tea Experience
25 March - Intro to Artisan Chocolate Making
29 March - Intro to Artisan Breadmaking (Just 3 places left)
22 April - Sushi Sunday
23 April - Artisan Pork Pie Making
29 April - Authentic Tapas
3 May - Intro to Sourdough Breadmaking (Last few places)
29 May - Intro to Artisan Cheesemaking

Booking soon via the website but we are taking provisional bookings by telephone now.......

23 May - Celebrity Chef Rachel Green's Flavours of Chatsworth
24 July - Student Survival Course
21 August - Student Survival Course

Lots of other things are in the pipeline such as food foraging, young chefs, vegetarian, french bread making, Gourmet Supper Club and a series of pop up events!

Please keep checking the website as we are adding new courses every week!

Hartingtons of Bakewell

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Artisan bread making course sells out

Hartingtons Italian bread making course has sold out illustrating just how popular our bread making courses have been. This is testament to the quality of our bread making tutors who are all passionate about real bread making.

Don't worry though we still have a full range of artisan bread making courses available and more are being added daily.

There are a few places left on our introduction to artisan bread making on 29th March or why not try an introduction to sourdough bread making to learn the skill to make your own fantastic tasting sourdough bread.

Lets get bread baking

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Hen parties in the Peak District

Hartingtons is a school of food in the Peak District. We also like to entertain!

We have had numerous enquiries over the last few weeks from people looking at organising hen and stag parties in the Peak District.....so if you want to do something different in the Peak District involving your stag or hen party and focused around food why not drop us an email or give us a call.

We can put on everything from sausage making, cup cake decorating to "full on" cookery courses with a celebrity chef. No event is too big or too small. Let us help you put on something a little special for your big day.

Hartingtons School of Food - Bakewell in the heart of the Peak District.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

New birth in Bakewell

Hartingtons gave birth to its own mother culture last week. This sourdough starter culture can be used in our future artisan sourdough bread making courses.

We made our culture under the instruction of one of our bread making tutors David Neville who incidentally is off to work with Morrisons, starting this week to help them upgrade their already impressive range of artisan breads. Apparently, Morrisons are the only one of the big supermarkets that have retained genuine bread baking facilities within their stores.

To make you own starter culture all you need is flour, water and some grapes. Leave the culture exposed to the atmosphere and it will pick up the natural wild yeast spores, which then work symbiotically with bacteria to produce the unique sour taste. Each starter has a completely original composition. This made the birth of Hartingtons 'junior' a very special moment in Hartingtons short life.

We are doing a sourdough bread making course in May with Andrew Auld of the Loaf. By then young Hartingtons may even be old enough to play his part.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Artisan Italian Bread Making Course In Bakewell

The latest artisan bread making course took place at Hartingtons School of Food on Sunday.

This relaxed baking course took place in Bakewell in the Peak District with students learning all about the mystery of the biga. It was refreshing to hear our tutor David Neville's first rule was to discard the constraints of a standard bread baking recipe. It was all about feeling the dough!

The students produced a fantastic focaccia and a ciabatta as well as producing their own personalised pizza. In addition to this they also made their own delicious pumpkin soup. Lunch was a bowl of the soup together with freshly made olive and rosemary focaccia.

All the students left inspired by their artisan bread making course.......so if you too want to be inspired why not have a look at some of the forthcoming artisan bread making courses at Hartingtons in Bakewell in the coming weeks.

We can guarantee that learning to make your own artisan bread will inspire you to bigger & better things in 2012.

See images from our artisan bread making courses.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Cheese Making Course Launched

Hartingtons are pleased to announce our first artisan cheese making courses taking place in Bakewell in the heart of the Peak District.

We are delighted that these courses will be taken by Chris Ashby. She is one of the countries leading cheese making consultants and has recently been delivering the cheese making courses at Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's River Cottage.

The courses are very competitively priced at £130, proving you don't need loads of bread to be able to learn how to make cheese!

Our first cheese making course is on 29th May but if this date is not convenient please ask about future dates.

Artisan Food Courses in the Peak District

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Make yourself a cuppa and put your feet up!

Well the first real snow of Winter has fallen in the Peak District. Everywhere has a covering and in some places much more!

So if you don't need to travel today.....why not keep nice and warm indoors, make yourself a "cuppa tea", put your feet up, have a little surf and make plans for the months ahead.

It won't be long before Spring is upon us so how about doing something challenging and new for yourself in 2012? At Hartingtons School of Food in Bakewell we have a wide range of interesting courses and food related events which are both educational and fun. Come on your own, come with a friend, come with a group........ check out our courses page. I'm sure there will be something that takes your eye.

And for the romantics amongst you instead of a meal out this year on Valentine's Day why not spend a lazy Sunday on 12th February making Italian Bread with your loved one. What could be more romantic than that?

Perhaps your "other half" is a chocoholic.......if so don't buy them a box of chocolates this year let them make their own. Why not indulge them with our full day Artisan Chocolate Making course? They will learn the history of this seductive food, sample chocolates from around the world, be pampered with indulgent chocolate drinks, have a masterclass with an artisan chocolatier and at the end of the day will have created their own hand made chocolates to take home and enjoy! We can even give you a personalised gift letter to give them on Valentine's Day.

Now we all want to treat our Mum for Mothers Day don't we? And we have the ideal present for her too. The Ultimate Tea Experience is a great combination of a talk, tutored tea tasting and a gentle "foodie" walking tour of Bakewell followed by an indulgent afternoon tea with a glass of 'fizz'. Tickets are limited for this event and are selling fast so if you want to pamper Mum you'll need to book quickly. We can provide you with a personalised letter to give her on Mother's Day inviting her to the event on 23rd March.

Well we've sorted you, your loved one and now your Mum ........it's amazing what you can get done on a Sunday morning isn't it? Fancy another "cuppa"?

Hartingtons of Bakewell

Friday, 3 February 2012

Love baking - so do we!

Love is in the air. Valentines Day is fast approaching. Why not buy something different for your partner for Valentines Day? In fact what could be more romantic than learning to bake Italian Bread TOGETHER.

Since starting Hartingtons in Bakewell at the beginning of 2012 we have had several couples come along to our cookery courses. What amazes me is how much fun they seem to have together. One couple didn't stop laughing during the whole cookery course. At the end of the course they genuinely remarked that it was one of the best things they had ever done. Praise indeed.

So why not park the hum drum for one day. It will still be there when you get back! Come along to Hartingtons and be inspired together.

We love baking bread and we think you will too.

Italian Bread Making Course - Sunday 12th February

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Chocolates for Valentines Day

Well Valentines Day is fast approaching and if your loved one is a chocoholic then we have the ideal Valentines gift for them.

They will be in "chocolate heaven" with an indulgent Artisan Chocolate Course at Hartingtons School of Food in Bakewell.

We will pamper them from arrival to departure with a talk on the history of chocolate, a tutored chocolate tasting, indulgent hot chocolate refreshments, a delicious lunch, chocolate demos and a "hands on" chocolate making experience which will ensure that at the end of the day they return home with a box of their own delicious chocolate creations.

The whole event will be led by master chocolatier Barry Colenso, who has a lifetime of experience in chocolate.........such is Barry's expertise that last year he had the honour of helping create the groom's chocolate cake for William and Kate's Royal Wedding.

We will provide you with a personalised gift letter to give to your loved one on Valentines Day inviting them to this special event on 25th March. Just a few places remain so if you are interested make sure you book as soon as possible!

Hartingtons School of Food