Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Cocky fails to turn up!

Well can you believe it 'cocky' failed to turn up for our vital meeting about our new cookery school.

But as my business & 'real' partner commented "it could be for the best"

Why? Because the very next day we viewed a fantastic premises that would make an ideal cookery school. Its set in a prime spot with fantastic views over a river.

Not only could the 'non show' be a turn of fate me and the Terrier turned the whole event to our advantage by using our unexpected free Sunday morning to scout for some potential venues for food events.

We managed to find a couple of excellent potential venues that are ideal for food talks and events & were much cheaper than we expected.

So....'cocky' is booked in for next weekend but it's already looking that price and a better alternative is going to win out. It's all very exciting!

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