Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Cookery school at Billingsgate

Billingsgate Market in London has always been synonymous with fish but I wonder how many people realise there is a fantastic Seafood Cookery School at the market!

The school is run as a charity and not only do they have an amazing selection of specialist courses for people in the trade but they also have a host of really interesting cooking classes for amateur enthusiasts.

Courses include Fish Preparation Knife Skills, Shellfish Courses, a fascinating Sushi Masterclass called Feng Sushi, various evening classes, a Passionate About Fish course ........but what really caught my eye was their 'Catch of the Day' cookery course.

On this course you arrive at 6.15 a.m. when you are taken on a guided tour round the market identifying the different species of seafood which are on offer that day followed by breakfast.

After breakfast the first session is fish preparation, where you cover the many aspects of fishmongering and are shown how to prepare a number of different fish and make a rich fish stock to use for lunch.

The second session covers how to cook fish with a number of the fish demonstrations being served as part of the lunch along with fish you cook on the day. Wine is served with the lunch and the course finishes around 2.15 p.m. with everyone attending taking home 6 species of seafood.

The cost is £185 and it is a measure of how popular this course is that a number of dates before Christmas are already fully booked.

The testimonials on the website for all the courses are full of praise so if fish interests you check the cookery school out at http://www.seafoodtraining.org/

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