Wednesday 6 July 2011

Hot & Raw Food at Baslow Food Fair

Hartingtons Food Fairs are all about contrast.

We like to put on a bit of a show because we know that's what you want.  Something different.  Not just another bland farmers market which can be worthy, predictable but ultimately not that interesting.

So we bring to you the contrast of hot and raw food at our next Baslow Food Fair on the 10th July.

Hot food outside courtesy of Piggy in the Middle.  We know that you like your hot bacon cobs to help sustain you as well as a steaming cups of fresh coffee and tea.

At the same time Kathryn from Raw Appetite will be bringing fresh salads and knocking out some unusual and healthy smoothies and juices.

So do you love food?

Are you at a loose end on Sunday?

Then why not come along to Hartingtons next Baslow Food Fair on the 10th of July.  Doors open at 10.30.

You wont be disappointed.

Hartingtons - Food Experience

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