Monday, 29 August 2011

A Food Fair for Foodies

Hartingtons latest Baslow Fair was a roaring success but above all great fun.

Streams of knowledgeable foodies perused, tasted and chatted with our enthusiastic line up of artisan food producers.

Baslow newbies to the show all made a great contribution:

Shelly Preston from Boutique Aromotique on the Welbeck Estate wowed visitors with her artisan chocolates. I heard many eulogise about her dark chocolate truffles.

Mr Hall brought along his traditional potted meats and pates along with his home made mushy peas and bacon together with his home cured packs of salted beef. Delicious and not expensive at £1.50 a pack.

Gary from the Pumpkin Oil company treated people to a taste of his Eastern European delicacy. Nutty and healthy.

Kate from the Coleiac Safe Ltd exhibited her range of gluten free cakes proving that gluten intolerance shouldn't prevent you from indulging.

Tea Box of Sheffield brought some great loose tea blends fresh from their box. How about Rhubarb and Custard. Fruity and Cream in a tea cup.

As well as these first timers we had some great regulars:

Lorna from Heavenlies doing her themed afternoon tea on the lawn. Lorna's gran even made it along to give her moral support. Apparently, Lorna was inspired to bake by her gran and having a sprightly 99 year old there to give her some encouragement helped her sell to her ever increasing band of followers.

Mary Button of the Really Good Cheese Company introduced a crowd of cheese lovers to unique and original local cheeses. How about a Staffordshire with beer and garlic and have you ever tried Dovedale Blue?

Greenside Deli had their best show since starting their new artisan food business just over a year ago. Fantastic and well done.

Luigi from Taste of Italy with his genuine Italian bread. They are imported from Altamura, Puglia. Alongside are his genuine Italian salami and cheese.

Glynne of Splash & Dash provided some great laughs and some fantastic marinades and oils.

Ced and Linda brought a taste of the West Country with their Friary Liqueurs. Fruity flavours with a kick and classic French wine flowed with Genevieve's Beaujolais wine from her family vineyard.

Lee Capille entertained outside providing fresh coffee and paella with the genuine soccarat. The crust that is so treasured by real paella connoisseurs.

Muffin Tops yet again proved that there are cupcakes and cupcakes. These are in a class of their own. The flavours are intense. No bland sponge here topped with fancy icing. Blueberry cupcakes with real fruit all the way through the sponge. Simply brilliant!

Thanks to everybody that came and made it a great day. We now have a few weeks off to refine the next one. A Taste of Asia which will be just a little special.

Hartingtons - Food Experience

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