Friday, 3 February 2012

Love baking - so do we!

Love is in the air. Valentines Day is fast approaching. Why not buy something different for your partner for Valentines Day? In fact what could be more romantic than learning to bake Italian Bread TOGETHER.

Since starting Hartingtons in Bakewell at the beginning of 2012 we have had several couples come along to our cookery courses. What amazes me is how much fun they seem to have together. One couple didn't stop laughing during the whole cookery course. At the end of the course they genuinely remarked that it was one of the best things they had ever done. Praise indeed.

So why not park the hum drum for one day. It will still be there when you get back! Come along to Hartingtons and be inspired together.

We love baking bread and we think you will too.

Italian Bread Making Course - Sunday 12th February

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