Monday, 4 July 2011

Bread flour & baking at Baslow

Artisan bread lovers will be in their element in Baslow on the 10th July.

Not only have we the wonderful Andrew from the Loaf bringing along his life enhancing sourdough bread.  Freshly baked on the day.  Even though it's Sunday Andrew will have been up since the wee small hours baking; so make sure you come along and get your fresh bread for the week.

For those foodies that want to bake for themselves.  Cauldwell Mill from Rowsley will be coming along for the first time to Baslow nr Chatsworth with a selection of freshly milled flour and details on how they produce their artisan ingredients with just a little carbon neutral wind power.

So if you love bread & baking come to Baslow nr Chatsworth on the 10th July.

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