Tuesday 8 March 2011

Chatsworth House Sunday Walk

We had a lovely walk from Baslow Village to Chatsworth House on Sunday afternoon. Something we have done many times before but we never tire of. We park often for free near Baslow Village Hall and join the throngs of dog walkers who stream along the banks of the River Derwent towards the majestic presence of Chatsworth House. We stopped for a restorative coffee in the Chatsworth House stable block before setting off on a return journey. The round trip takes no more than an hour and a quarter and to be honest it's a great free afternoon out.

The fantastic thing for us was just how busy the car park was next to Baslow Village Hall. The parade of day trippers, tourists and locals just confirm our belief that it is a great spot for our food fairs. Have a look at the photos of the village hall and car park to show just how popular it is.
With less than a month to go before our Spring Food Fair at Baslow nr Chatsworth we are starting to get very excited indeed. I'm just hoping we get an afternoon like Sundays to grace our opening event. Just like Chatsworth we are than looking forward to being a regular fixture in the Peak District's calender of events.

Hartingtons Food Experience

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