Sunday 13 November 2011

Bakewell Tart & Tapas

Bakewell we know is world famous for it's Bakewell tart and Bakewell pudding.

We are all familiar with the story behind the origins of the Bakewell pudding. The cook at the White Horse Inn (now Rutland Arms) whose fortuitous mistake led to the creation of one of the worlds most famous desserts.

Hartingtons is happy to be based in a place like Bakewell with such a culinary heritage.

As well as acknowledging Bakewell's great food heritage Hartingtons is keen to push the boundaries of modern cooking.

One of the food events we are setting up in our cookery school in Bakewell is a gourmet supper club. This will involve some of the best and most exciting new chefs and cooks in and around the Peak District being able to showcase a tasting menu for one night only in a similar way that the Loft Project is doing in London. Accompanying the gourmet food will be a range of wines or drinks to compliment perfectly the chefs gourmet creations.

We had a fantastic meeting today in Bakewell at the Lime Lounge Coffee House on Bath Street with David Neville of El Toro in Sheffield. David has agreed not only to take a tapas course teaching students how to prepare some of the best authentic tapas dishes but also to put on a Spanish gourmet night including some dishes derived from the worlds best and most famous restaurant Elbulli.

The Gourmet Supper Club will be a regular monthly feature in Bakewell. With only limited spaces per event they are sure to sell out fast. For more details and to book online go to

Hartingtons Food Experience

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