Tuesday 22 November 2011

Christmas comes to Baslow

Anybody who likes to taste 'exceedingly good cakes' wants to come along to our fantastic Christmas Food Fair in Baslow on the 4th December.

How about this for a festive selection from the wonderful Lorna of Heavenlies....definitely NOT Mr Kipling!

"Christmas cakes, mini gingerbread house cookies, lots of seasonal tastes like fresh ginger & spice cake, pecan fudge cake, chocolate chestnut cupcakes and a surprise centrepiece! Angels, stars, glitter and flickering (LED!) candle light will set the mood. We'll also be serving mince pies (I'm hoping they might even be warm!) and cream with our teas and coffees."

Wow! Sounds simply heavenly what do you think?

Hartingtons Christmas Food Fair - Baslow

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