Thursday 15 March 2012

Artisan bread making - we love it!

Bread is in our DNA. We love it at Hartingtons and are enthusiastic supporters of the Real Bread Campaign to get more of us eating and making it.

Our mission is to turn Hartingtons into a centre of excellence for Artisan Bread Baking in the Peak District ......and why not the whole country!

Since we opened the doors of our wonderful converted saw mill back in January we have already put on numerous bread making courses with our renowned bakers.

Our bakers!

Andrew Auld is a self taught master baker with his own commercial bakery The Loaf in Crich. His introduction to Artisan Bread Making has been a huge hit and sells out within days. Andrew is also passionate about Sourdough Bread and it is still possible to join Andrew for his introduction to Sourdough bread making course in May.

David Neville is a chef, restaurateur and consultant. He advises the likes of M & S and Morrisons on how they can make their bread better. He is an expert in bread making on a commercial scale but has lost none of his passion for true artisan bread production. He loves the Mediterranean and especially Spain hence him setting up El Toro a renowned Tapas restaurant in Sheffield. His Italian bread courses have been a great success.

Mick Saxton is a true home baker. He has set up his own artisan bread making business called Saxtons Home Bakery at his house in Sheffield supplying his local community. Mick is living proof that you don't need fancy commercial ovens to produce great artisan bread. Mick will be at Hartingtons on 28 April for the Bakewell Food Festival demonstrating how he makes artisan bread and then selling freshly baked rye and sourdough bread fresh from the oven. Delicious!

To have a look at our recent artisan bread making courses why not check out the photos on our Facebook page.

You can also follow the progress of our own sourdough culture 'junior hartingtons'. Isn't he cute!

If you feel passionate about real bread why not join the Real Bread Campaign and take advantage of our 10% discount on bread making courses for Real Bread Campaign members.

Hartingtons - passionate about artisan bread making!

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Pat said...

Had a fantastic experience yesterday on the Artisan bread making course! It's a definite must do when in Bakewell! Thanks again Andrew, Julie and Chris!
Regards Pat Horne x