Sunday 4 March 2012

Junior Hartingtons in Bakewell

There have been two births at Hartingtons School of Food in Bakewell recently.

The first was junior Hartingtons. As you can see our first ever sourdough culture is now in short trousers metaphorically speaking and is fast growing up to be a proper sourdough culture that we are hoping to use in our first ever sourdough bread making course on the 3rd May. The image shows junior at feeding time as we spruce him up by changing his flour.

The other new addition to the Hartingtons stable was Hartingtons New Ale which was bottled as part of the finale of the first ever introduction to artisan beer brewing course. The course tutored by Paul Taylor was a fantastic event and one which hopefully will inspire a host of new beer makers who realise that they don't need expensive kit to get out there and start brewing their own unique and great tasting artisan beer from raw ingredients. We are already planning a series of beer brewing courses in Bakewell in the Peak District over the coming months so keep watching the website if you are interested.

Also if you are thinking of organising a stag event in the Peak District how about a day learning and producing your own unique beer for your wedding party? For more details please contact us

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