Friday, 20 April 2012

Italian Bread Making Course in the Peak District

Visiting the Peak District and love Italian Food?

Well......we have a great Italian Bread Making Course on Sunday 20th May in Bakewell in our new School of Food . So why not come along and learn how to make fantastic foccacia, ciabatta and pizza with expert breadmaker, David Neville.

These artisan bread making courses are proving incredibly popular so if you've checked your piggy bank and you really can't afford to go to Italy this Summer don't can still recreate your own Italian ristorante at home.

Once you've mastered the art of making foccacia, ciabatta and pizza.......come July you'll be able to put on a Pavarotti CD, grab a glass of vino to accompany your Italian delights and and enjoy the long Summer nights in your own "Italian Riviera" will be so authentic you won't even realise you are in your own back garden!!

The course is on Sunday 20th May and costs £75. Refreshments and lunch are included and everything you make on the day is yours to take home and impress your loved ones and friends.

Check it out! Ciao for now!

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