Sunday 15 April 2012

Cheese making courses come to the Peak District

Cheese making courses will make their debut in Bakewell in the Peak District this Tuesday when renowned cheese maker Chris Ashby takes the first Introduction to cheese making course at Hartingtons School of Food. Chris has been delivering the cheese making courses at 'River Cottage' for several years.

During this artisan cheese making course students will learn how to make a camembert style soft cheese. After a lunch sampling some delicious local cheeses, in the afternoon students will go on to make a lemon cheese and if time permits a mozzarella cheese.

We have a number of artisan cheese making courses taking place in our School of Food this year and given the number of early bookings they are proving to be very popular.

Hartingtons have obtained all our supplies from Moorlands Cheesemakers Ltd who have been fantastically helpful in setting up our new venture. If you do need any cheese-making supplies they are a really good place to start.

Cheese-making courses - Peak District


Gary Callaghan said...

Dear web provider,
I attempted to access the cheese making section of your website tonight and was met with multiple failures, I was advised to contact you for rectification.
Gary Callaghan

The Editor said...

Hi Gary, I do appologise for you not be able to access the details. The website is running fine this morning. We do have additional dates for cheese-making courses so please feel free to contact us through the website for more details.