Monday 23 January 2012

Are you a fan of Italian bread?

If you are a fan of Italian Bread but have never got round to having a go at making it yourself then we have just the cookery course for you!!

Join us on Stage 1 of our World Bread Tour when the featured country is Italy. We suspect you all enjoy a bit of a lie in on Sunday we've arranged a late start especially for you.

Join us at 11.00 a.m. and learn the techniques behind baking your own ciabatta, focaccia and pizza bases. You will be guided along by chef David Neville who is really passionate about home made bread and at one stage in his career was lucky enough to be taught by an artisan baker specialising in slow fermented breads of Northern Italy.

In addition to your bread making David will also show you how to make a typical Italian soup to have at lunchtime. There will be a further bread making session in the afternoon and all the fresh bread you make on the day will be yours to take home and enjoy.

Finishing around 3.00 p.m. the more energetic amongst you can rest assured that there will still be time to do all your usual Sunday chores...... like washing the car, cutting the lawn and taking Fido for a walk!

Two dates are available for Stage 1 of the World Bread Tour. If you fancy hopping on the "tour bus" we get underway on 12th February and again on 11th March. Both dates are proving popular so if you are interested be sure to book soon!

Ciao for now!

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