Sunday 1 January 2012

New Year Resolutions.........

Well first of all.............a Happy New Year to all and our very best wishes for 2012.

So what are your New Year Resolutions? Join the gym? See more of family and friends? cut down on the alcohol?.......all the usual suspects!!

Well this year why not learn a new skill? How about something both educational and fun?

Here at Hartingtons we have a fantastic range of artisan cookery courses designed to inspire you to roll your sleeves up and give it a go!

Learn to bake bread with a local artisan breadmaker, join us on our very popular artisan beer making course, perfect your own truffles with a renowned chocolatier, spend a Sunday learning how to make sushi or even learn how to make your own artisan pork pies!!

Stuck in a rut? Looking for a challenge?..............then check out our cookery courses and be inspired in 2012!

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