Thursday 23 September 2010

Bloomin planners could dash our dream cookery school

Well there is a huge sense of irony in it all.

Our dream location for a cookery school could be scuppered because of the planners. I had a chat to a young planner in the Peak Park planning department who was helpful but cautionary.

Apparently, there is planning policy relating to the building that we want to put our cookery school in that seeks to retain it for employment use. This in planning terms means bods, sitting at desks with computer. Not loads of people learning to cook in our fantastic cookery school.

The reality is that the survey that the planners did which showed a shortage of offices in the town was prepared years ago. Since then there has been the biggest world wide recession since the 2nd world war. Planning policy doesn't apparently take that into account.

The irony of our problems with the planners over our cookery school is that I used to be a planner myself. I therefore earned my first pay checks by telling other people NO.

However, neither of us is disheartened by the initial feedback. We are hoping that local enthusiasm for our cookery school will push the bureaucrats back into their boxes and let truth, justice and good cooking prevail!

Food event in Baslow

Despite this small set back, me & the Gastrognome are not resting on our heals. We are already planning a Christmas food event in Baslow. It's going to be great and we are getting really excited about all the potential local food heroes that we can invite. There are so many little food producers in the Peak District that produce great food and have fascinating stories to tell!

Hartingtons 'food experience'

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