Wednesday 15 September 2010

"Cocky" turns up but...

Well we had our meet with "Cocky" finally on Sunday. A week late but how weird.

The premises we viewed a couple a weeks ago as perfect for our new cookery school suddenly looked rather small, uninspiring. We were both left quite underwhelmed. If for one felt quite embarrassed by my obvious lack of enthusiasm for the place despite it's fantastic setting and beautiful architecture. "Cocky" has done a great job in refurbishing the listed building but both of us new deep down, the property, despite it's visual qualities wasn't right

So we are focused on premises two for our cookery school.

The location is great right next to a bustling market town and even the gas situation is looking promising.

So it's all looking good & we soon could be cooking on gas. The Gastronome is doing great work on putting together a local food heroes event. One of the things we have yet to decide on is who dresses up as the pantomime chicken (free range off course) to publicise it. I think she would luck really cute as a chick but she insists I have the legs for it!

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