Friday 24 September 2010

The chicken has raised it's head again!

Well... The Editor is busy putting together a planning application for our cookery school and I am doing some work on our first event......a Local Food Heroes Christmas Fair in Baslow. The aim is to make it a showcase for local food producers and a really interesting event for "foodies".

Unfortunately this morning The Editor has raised the subject of the promotional chicken again........and despite my valiant efforts to persuade him otherwise he is clearly "eggcited" about the idea and is insisting the chicken makes an appearance.

From a marketing point of view I have to concede that it is a "cracking" idea but there's no way I'm running round Baslow dressed as a pantomime or not !!!!

So........underhand tactics are required. When I see The Editor later today I'm going to suggest we toss a coin to see who plays chicken. Luckily I've got a two headed coin from my Junior Magician's Set my Grandad gave me years ago. It's come in very useful on many occasions and I think it could have a starring role tonight!! I just hope The Editor doesn't suspect "fowl play" from the Gastronome!!

Heads it is then and I'm in a win - win situation. I just need to remain calm at the big moment. Mustn't panic, blurt out "tails" and find myself being measured up for a bloomin' chicken outfit!!

I'll keep you posted.

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